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How Can You Prevent Tea and Coffee Teeth Stains?

Morning or evening, a relaxing weekend or tiring weekday, wouldn't you take every chance to have a hot cup of coffee or tea and find joy in every sip? You would! Because these hot beverages do wonders for our mood! That satisfaction is unmatchable, but more than the fact that you feel happy, someone gets disappointed with your tea or coffee obsession. They are Your Precious White Teeth! Each cup of either tea or coffee leaves stains on your teeth, taking away its brightness and whiteness. That yellow hue you find on your teeth develops slowly due to tea and coffee. We don't mean to say that you must quit tea or coffee (Not that you would anyway!), but you can definitely follow some tips by our Dentist to prevent your teeth from tea and coffee stains. Or why don't you first learn about the troublesome thing present in tea and coffee that causes such staining?

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Why do Tea and Coffee stain your teeth?

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